Minggu, 26 Mei 2013

24 #Postcard

This is my postcard from Estonia. It's my first unique postcard. I never received a postcard like this before. The shape is not usually. It is not square. Beside that, postcard figure also very funny. dog with glasses who was vacationing on the beach with a glass of cold lemonade. if I see it, it makes me laugh. Thank you Kristi, my friend from Estonia who had sent it. It make me happy :)

Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

23 #Postcard

Cute little dog. :) I received this postcard from my friend, Steph. That is my first postcard from Germany. It's my favourite. I love dog because it faithful friends. Steph also give me a little gift, I like it very much. I hope, I and Steph will have good relationship and she would be my best penpal. :)

Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

22 #Postcard

I received my second postcard from Japan. The postcard about Seto Inland Sea. It is the body of water that separates Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, three of the four main islands of Japan. It serves as an international waterway, which connects the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of ​​Japan. It's beautiful sea.!