Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

33 #Postcard

I send my second postcard to China to my friend who named Limin-Feng. I am very glad she also wants direct swap postcard with me. I agree with the Limin statement that we can learn a variety of cultures in each country from post crossing. Beside that, with post crossing I want to improve my English skills and I am very excited to be having a lot of friends. Unfortunately when I send a postcard to Limin-Feng, postcard about Bali no more left  so I sent one of the beautiful tourist place in Indonesia beside Bali, I hope Limin like the postcard.


The postcard is about Tibet. It is postcard reply from Limin. The Bird Islet in Lake Pangongtso of Ngari. It is beautiful. I will send a reply for your postcard soon.

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