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October 4, 2012

My Best Friend called Ina

Today is the last day my friend called Ina in Surabaya. Ina is a friend of mine from high school SMAN 1 Denpasar. We're friends, but ever since my college and Ina is very kind. Ina I consider as my close friend, because she is always there while I'm happy and bad condition and Ina always helped me when I have a difficult time in Intensive Courses at ITS for my TOEFL requirement  and administrative files for my graduated.

I am very grateful that I have friend like Ina that always help me.
Today I wanted go to one place with ina for the last time. Because tomorrow, Ina is going to leave Surabaya Ina was back to Bali. Ina will work in Bali as a teacher, while I was still in Surabaya to find a job. I hope I can get a job soon. Astungkara

This is a photo of us when meet for a meal and a movie together. The last movie we watched is Premium Rush.

this is my photo when we ate at Peco-Peco Grandcity Mall

Nita, Ina, Me and Prida
the last moment of Ina's Farewell at Grand City

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