Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

22 and 105

On September 23, the day is my birthday. On that date is very special because it coincided with my graduation day.

My parents, his brother and I came to Surabaya invitation to attend my graduation day on 23 September 2012.

They came on September 21, 2012 and we took a walk to the tourist attractions in Surabaya until my graduation ceremony.

Here are some memorable that was captured :

My family arrived at Surabaya on Friday morning, before I have a regular review in Theatre C ITS to take graduation award plaques. Actually I'm lazy to come, because I'm not familiar with TPKH friends but I would not mind starting as graduate :)
This photo TPKH female friends who will graduate later on 23 September 2012. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The first day we arrived at Surabaya, we went to the Red Bridge Plaza and Tunjungan Plaza by using public transportation and city buses. Because in Bali, I stayed right there is no photo box so our family walks in the mall and was photographed with that picture.
The next day our family walks to Kenjeran Park (KENPARK). Our previous vegetable rice cake breakfast. This is my favorite food. Yeah .. it tastes good, and according to my family because my mother was a vegetarian.
It is located in front of the University Hangtuah.

 This is a picture when we were in KENPARK.

The place is very beautiful. Here also there is a temple. Inside the temple there is a statue of Chess Front and Thousand Buddha Statue and Sculpture Goddess Kuan Im. Here we pray to the Lord.

Let's zoom it. Here there are Chess Font Statue

And That is Thousand Buddha Statue

Very Awesome :)

 And there is Sculpture Goddess Kuan Im

This is the front of the temple

After that we went to Galaxy Mall, because my mother wanted to buy a bag. Our family also ate ice cream in Zangrandi. That's very fun

The great day,
birthday as well as my graduation day
My beloved campus " Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya"

This is my photo with mom, dad, and my brother. too bad my sister did not come because there was a mid-test.

This is a photo of me with my close friends

This is a photo of my family and I with Dichan, she is my best friend and her family

This is photos of me with my parents
I wear kebaya design my own


This is a diploma and I received a plaque in recognition of my graduation 

This is my metamorphosis during the learning of kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, high school and college.

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