Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Poem of Petersburg

I received the reply of my post card from my friend. She from Russia. Her name is Nastya. She share the poem about St-Petersburg. The city where she live has a very glorious history, it is a heroic city with charm architecture and also St-Petersburg has its own spirit. That's awesome, I like it very much :)

    The Soul of Petersburg.

    The Soul of Petersburg on a white night,
    When June displays anew it's mighty power,
    Makes all the streets so vivid in the light
    Shining through this interminable hour.
    Cathedrals, palaces all talk and dance
    Alonge the banks of the shimmering river;
    They long to live a while and use theit chance
    Presented by the generous life-giver.
    The fountains splash away their crustal note,
    Dream and sing songs of love to a marble column;
    Inviting you into it's magic boat,
    The glamour lasts ineffable and solemn.
    the soul of Petersburg, where do you roam
    When on a dreary night of late November
    Rains fall and cast dark spells over your home?
    The White Nights is a dream that you remember.

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