Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

My Final Project

This is the abstract of my final year project entitled " HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT OF CAR WORKSHOP IN SOUTH SURABAYA"
Automotive production help to human activity and have increased every year, especially car. Increasing number of workshops that operate in the city of Surabaya is the generation of hazardous wastes will increase. This study aims to determine the type, characteristics, generation and management of hazardous waste resulting from the activities of the workshop.

The study was conducted by distributing questionnaires and measurements in the field. The spread of the questionnaire conducted in two stages using a questionnaire A and questionnaire B. A questionnaire was distributed to the hazardous waste that is the workshop on the study area and B questionnaires distributed to hazardous waste collector in the area of ​​Surabaya. Intake sampling conducted in 12 workshops at Wonokromo district and Wonocolo district with the type of workshop type A, type B and C based on the type of car repair and maintenance.

The results showed the type of hazardous waste car repair shops in South Surabaya area is a source-specific hazardous waste and waste code D251 as well as having the characteristics of toxic waste and flammable waste. The resulting generation of car repair shop is divided into 3 types: type A workshop of 3,19 kg / car.day, type B workshop at 2,47 kg / car.day, type C workshop of 3,03 kg / car.day. Hazardous waste composition comprising 65,31% of used lubricating oils, used auto parts 16,50%, 7,73% used plastic packaging, 3,19% thinner used, 2,83% 2,36% fabric cotton waste contaminated packaging cans, 2,09% contaminated paper. Hazardous waste management of car workshop in South Surabaya not in accordance with existing regulations so that the necessary recommendations for the management of hazardous waste workshop. Distribution patterns of the hazardous waste created in the workshop activity mapping based on the amount of generation produced and describes the hazardous waste transportation routes in the study area.

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