Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

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Rainbow cake,  the most popular cake of 2012. Kaitlin Flannery a student at one college in the United States is the one who started the manufacture of rainbow cake. Starting from a plan to give a surprise of her friend's birthday. Kaitlin's friends love rainbow very much and then Kaitlin make a surprise by making a cake when cut rainbow will appear. Rainbow cake with rainbow colors on the inside. She then began to popularize it's cake creations as a guest on a talk show on American television show, "The Martha Stewart Show". Since then Rainbow Cake became so famous, even down to Indonesia.

Rainbow cake is now popular in Indonesia. Rainbow cake is very interesting as colorful as a rainbow. Me and my friends are curious and want to try it. As I understand it was sold in the DAPUR COKLAT, but because I was busy final project, I have not had time to try it

After I finished my final tests of the final project. I and my  friends went to Galaxy Mall to have fun. We passed a cafe beside SOGO, there are GELATO BAR . We are looking to sell Rainbow Cake in GELATO BAR. This cake is very popular so we also bought. We want to try it :)

This is my photo with the rainbow cake.

The price is very expensive for students, one piece at Rp. 39 600

Very Expensive, yes !

First, before I eat,  I think that every color has a different flavor.  It turns out wrong, it's the same every color.
Emmm, Rainbow cake in my opinion is
delicious, but I think the Black Forest is still better. But in terms of rainbow cake looks very interesting no.1, making curious to try it.
If each color has a different taste would be more interesting 

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