Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

The Moment of My Final Project

Before graduating college, I need to complete a minimum of 144 credits and take the final project.
The final task is passed to the third stage of the proposal seminar, seminar our progress and final test.
Of all stages of the oral hearing that most makes me scared, seminar proposal that makes me nervous, and I was most relaxed in the trial progress. I do not know why.

My final test on 5 July 2012, a book that I produce is very thick. There are 307 pages. It's extraordinary,  it's probably like the book is not final project when viewed from the outside. But I believe it is helpful to someone.
My final project title is Hazardous Waste Management of Car Workshop in South Surabaya.

hope I can pass TOEFL test , I'm weak in English. But I'm trying hard to learn English so that I can be clever.
Here are the moments of my seminar proposal to final test

This is when a seminar proposal, I along with my friends from the far left = dichan, me, arness and citra.

This is the result of my progress

This is the result of my final project for advanced final test that I made with paper

Here are, Before I go to final test  :) 

                                                             Fighting and do the best!

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