Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Friendship is like Kepompong

When I first learned in Surabaya, I met many friends from other cities in Indonesia. My friend in college that most Muslims and Christians only 2 of the Hindus. Somehow I close with my friend from different religions. I feel them more attention. Since first semester, I close with Dian Ayuningtyas. She is my college friend, I usually call her Dichan. First time I think she is a Chinese people because she has white skin and her eyes bit narrow. But, the fact Dichan is a Javanese descent. My friendship with Dichan is already 4 years, Dichan is my best friend. My friendship with Dichan is not smooth, I never experienced the great bicker until I depressed because I lost of reputation and confidence from my lecturer and my position as lab assistant lifted. But from the conflict my friendship with Dichan is more closer. I do not harbor resentment  because I already know it was a provoked from my other friends and at that moment Dichan attitude is childish. However, because of the problems we become adults and can respond to the problem very well, I am not easily provoked remarks with my other friends to solve my friendship and Dichan now a mature and responsible.
I think my friendship with my best friend Dichan like a Kepompong song.

that is the Kepompong song - Sidentosca
Dulu kita sahabat
Dengan begitu hangat
Mengalahkan sinar mentari
Dulu kita sahabat
Berteman bagai ulat
Berharap jadi kupu-kupu
Kini kita berjalan berjauh-jauhan
Kau jauhi diriku karena sesuatu
Mungkin ku terlalu bertindak kejauhan
Namun itu karena ku sayang
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Mengubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Maklumi teman hadapi perbedaan
Persahabatan bagi kepompong

This is my photos with Dichan when we first meet until now we keep be a friendship. thank you for your all the assistance given to the family Dichan especially during my college until now, both when I was sick and happy, and the last time we went out together. I hope our friendship has always going on. xoxo :)

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